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This section of the help file includes information about the Quick Start Window as well as overall program functionality and where to go for each.

Launch Ultra File Opener

You can launch the program in a variety of ways depending on what components you chose during the install process.

Installation Startup Components

Component Name:


Create a desktop icon

This creates a desktop icon for launching the program.

Create a Quick Launch icon

This creates an icon located in the Quick Launch area of the taskbar. The Quick Launch area is found near to the "Start" button of your taskbar.

Add Open Tool to the context menu

This creates the ability to open a file with Ultra File Opener when right-clicking the file name and selecting "Open with Ultra File Opener".



If you did not install the startup components you can create a startup icon by doing the following:

1.Click the Start button, select Programs > CompuClever > Ultra File Opener.
2.When the selection "UFO" is displayed, drag and drop the menu item to the area (desktop or Quick Launch bar).



Once you start the program you have access to the following functionality.


toggle_expand_16   Open File

The Open File section includes:


Open File:

Information on how to open a file.


Description of the types of Viewers available with Ultra File Opener.



toggle_expand_16   File Functions

The File Functions section includes:


Image Viewer:

For image files and functions include: print, convert, rotate, and navigate to other images in the folder.

Text Viewer:

For text files and functions include: print, changing font size, text editing, and saving edit changes.

Archive Viewer:

To open archive files and you can extract files within the archive and get info on any archived file.


toggle_expand_16   Options and Help

The Options and Help section includes:



To customize the application settings.

Manage File Associations:

To determine which files you want the program to open by default.

Online Help:

To open up this help file in your web browser.

About Page:

Information on the product and checking for updates, registering the product, and getting support.