Quick Start Window

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The Quick Start window is your starting place.  From here you can choose to locate a file to open, to open recent files, and to configure options and get product information and help.


To open the window you can do one of the following:

Double-click the Ultra File Opener shortcut on your desktop.
From the Start button menu, select CompuClever and select CompuClever Ultra File Opener.


The Quick Start window will open and appear as seen here:





notes If you have not registered the product you will see a "Register" option listed below the About option (as can be seen here).  You can click this to register and activate the product.




You also have options to minimize, expand, or close the window.

Minimize, Maximize, Close

The top right buttons - Minimize, Maximize, and Close - are standard window buttons.  You can minimize the window to the taskbar, maximize it to full screen size, and you can close it.