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This help file is an online help file - you need an online connection and the information is provided in the web browser.  You can access this help file from the Quick Start Window or the Viewer.

From the Quick Start window

To open the help file from the Quick Start window, do the following:

From the Options & Help section, click: Online Help.

From the Viewer

To open the help file from the Viewer, do the following:

Click the Help drop down button and select: Online Help.


Find out how to navigate, use the F1 key, toggles, and printing the page.    About this help file

This help file has many features so that you can get to the information you require quickly and easily.





You can use the table of contents to navigate through the help file.  There are also navigation buttons at the top of the window to take you to the next and previous pages and there are Index and Search tabs.

F1 Key:

You can access pages of the help file that correspond to the application by using the F1 key form anywhere in UFO.


For ease of use and readability, many of the pages have "toggles".  These are areas that expand and collapse, for example, this section about the help file is a toggle area and this is a toggle link   A toggle is a section that you can expand and collapse such as this one; others can include images and some include tables and instructions.  In each case you can click on the toggle to expand it and then click it again to collapse it.  Toggles automatically return to their original state when you navigate to another page.  

notes Some of these toggles are open as the information is meant to be read and you can close them as you read down the page.  Others are closed so that you can open them at your own pace.


You can print any page from your web browser by using the Print command (or use the hotkey Ctrl + P).


important  There is a known issue with how the Table of Contents is displayed in Google Chrome browsers.