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This section includes information on:

Open File

Information on how to open a file (there are several ways as described below).


Description of the types of Viewers available with Ultra File Opener and how you can open multiple Viewers.


There are several ways to open files with Ultra File Opener.  You can open files from the Quick Start Window, from the Viewer, or you use the context menu in Windows Explorer.  When you do open a file the Viewer will appear.


Bulb Bright For a complete list of file types that Ultra File Opener supports, click here: Supported File Formats.

From the Quick Start Window

To begin, launch the application and open the Quick Start window.


To open a file from the Quick Start window, do the following:

1.In the Getting Started section, click Select a File to Open.
2.In the window that opens, locate the file by navigating through the folder tree.
3.Click Open.


The Viewer will open and display the file based on its file type.

From the Viewer

Once you have opened the Viewer you can open other files.  Ultra File Opener has multi-Viewer support.

To open another file from the Viewer window, do the following:

1.From the File menu, select Open.
2.In the window that opens, locate the file by navigating through the folder tree.
3.Click Open.

notes From the Viewer you also have the option of opening one of the recently viewed files in the list displayed in the drop down File menu.

From Windows Explorer

You can also open files directly from Windows Explorer or other applications that permit "Open With" from their right-click context menu.

important In order to open files this way, you must have selected to install the Open Tool option during your installation.  The default installation did include this option.  See the section on installation components for more information.


To open a file from Windows Explorer, do the following:

1.Locate the file in Windows Explorer or an application that supports this functionality.
2.Right-click the filename and select: Open with Ultra File Opener.


From the Shortcut in the Taskbar

Once you have opened the Viewer or the Quick Start Window you can open recent files.

To open a recent file from the Taskbar Shortcut, do the following:

1.Right-click the Ultra File Opener shortcut in the taskbar.
2.Select one of the files in the Recent list.


Next... you can become more familiar with the Viewer window.