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You can access the program options from the Quick Start Window or the Viewer.  At this time there is one option available for the program.

Open Options

You can Open the Options dialog from the Quick Start Window or from the Viewer as described here.

To open the Options dialog, do one of the following:

From the Quick Start Window, select Options.
From the Viewer, click the File menu and select Options.


You can customize the program Options.  At this time the program has one option.



Automatically check for updates when starting the program:

Clear the check box if you do not want the program to automatically check for updates each time it is launched.


Restore Defaults

After making changes to the settings you can easily restore all the settings to their original default state.

To restore the defaults, do the following:

Click the Restore Defaults button.


When you are done you can click the Close button to continue using the program.