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When you open a file that is a text file format (for example, TXT, TAB, or BlueButton), the Ultra File Opener Text Viewer opens with the text displayed in the view area.  Refer to the Viewer page for an example.  What distinguishes the UFO viewers from one another is the menu bar and status bar.  All the file functions are controlled in these two areas.  We will start with the status bar as it pertains to the layout and display of the text file you have opened.

Status Bar

The Text Viewer has its own status bar with the following functions:



The Text status bar functions are listed here from left to right:



Line number:

Displays the line number of the cursor.

Column number:

Displays the column number of the cursor.

Wrap check box:

Select this check box to have all the text in the file wrapped rather than in continuous lines that are not displayed in the Viewer.

Show line number check box:

This will display the line numbers along the leftmost column for easy reference.


Text Menu Bar Functions

The Text Viewer has its own menu bar with the following options:



The Text functions are listed here from left to right:




Drop down menu to access the following:

Open: this displays an Open dialog where you can locate and open another file (a new Viewer opens).
Save / Save As:
Options: this opens the program options.
File Associations: this opens the program file associations list.
List of recently opened files: you can quickly open any recently viewed file listed here (including other non-text file types).
Exit: this closes the Viewer (Note: other Viewers remain open).


This opens a Print dialog where you can set printer options including (from top to bottom): the designated printer, Printer settings, Page range, Margin options, and Header and Footer options.  There are also zoom controls to zoom in or zoom out of the file for better viewing of the file.


You can save any text edits or changes you make to the file.

Undo / Redo:

This toggles between undoing any previous changes made and choosing to redo the action.

Cut / Copy / Paste:

You can select text and choose to cut the selection, copy the selection, and paste it.

Grow Font / Shrink Font:

You can expand or reduce all of the font in the Viewer.

notes This change cannot be saved as it is for viewing purposes only.


Opens this help file.  This requires an online connection.