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Ultra File Opener uses a smart detection mechanism to determine a file type and to display the contents.  When you open a file that UFO does not recognize, the Hex Viewer opens with the hexadecimal content - a human friendly notation that represents binary values used in computing and digital electronic languages -  displayed in the view area.  Refer to the Viewer page for an example.  Like the other Viewers Hex Viewer has it's own status bar and menu bar options.  All the file functions are controlled here.  We will start with the status bar.

Status Bar

The Hex Viewer has its own status bar with the following functions:



The Hex status bar functions are listed here from left to right:




This relates to the location of the hexadecimal text that is selected.


Displays the size of the file.


Hex Menu Bar Functions

The Hex Viewer has its own menu bar with the following options:



The Hex Viewer functions are listed here from left to right:




Drop down menu to access the following:

Open: this displays an Open dialog where you can locate and open another file (a new Viewer opens).
Options: this opens the program options.
File Associations: this opens the program file associations list.
List of recently opened files: you can quickly open any recently viewed file listed here (including other non-hex file types).
Exit: this closes the Viewer (Note: other Viewers remain open).

Zoom In:

This is for zooming in and viewing the hexadecimal text more closely.

Zoom Out:

You can zoom the hexadecimal text out.


Opens this help file.  This requires an online connection.