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In the event that you encounter a file format that you cannot open we would like to assist you.  CompuClever, the makers of Ultra File Opener, work hard to update our technology.  In this case this means providing support for hundreds of different file formats.  We will analyze the file for the purpose of including it in our list of formats we support.

Submit a File

From the Viewer window you can send a file for analysis.

To submit a file for analysis, do the following:

1.Open the file in question using the Viewer window.  You will likely see unfamiliar text (hexadecimal code for example)  in the display.
2.In the toolbar menu, click the drop down Help button and select Send file to support.
3.In the dialog that appears, read the information and choose to fill in the text field sections.
4.When you are ready, click: Send File.

Voluntary Text Fields

There is information that could assist our Support team and could enable them to follow up with your request.  This information includes:

Your email.
Description: a description of the file and what you may expect it to be.


There is a Privacy Policy link that you can click to read about the ways in which we keep your information private and confidential.

notes If you choose to not enter the email field, our contact team will not reply to your submission.  We do appreciate your submission though and we will endeavor to update our file support with the submitted file.