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For those of you wondering how to view iTHMB files, for a long time it's probably seemed as though it's impossible to reliably and easily open iTHMB files. Are there are lots of reasons for wanting to open iTHMB's on your computer or device.

For example, there are common scenarios that arise for iOS device users where the original iTHMB files are lost or, even worse the device is lost or no longer functioning.  Mac computers have applications that can support iTHMB files such as: DigiDNA PicsAid, and Echo One File Juicer, among others.  With PC alternatives, many make the same claim but come up short in that they require that the iOS device be present to download the original photos.  They do not open the files from an existing cache on your PC.

There are online forums with all sorts of entries of people who have attempted to convert these files (for example converting ithmb to JPG) using all kinds of tricks.  Changing the file extension and tricking an application to open it is one that exemplifies ingenuity.  Of course there are limitations:

“If you're lucky, then the image should load but it will show two images; one on top of the other. The other problem is it might be only in black'n'white greyscale*. Also, the images come out stretched horizontally.” (

While these forums, like this one above, contain a lot of information and suggestions, it does not guarantee a successful outcome.  What is guaranteed is a lot of trial and error.  If you are working with many files, you need to multiple your effort times each file.  One person in the forum has 2500 files to convert.  This is where the reliance on luck is not prudent.

To open iTHMB files, you need more than just an iTHMB viewer

The reality is, iTHMB files need to opened and decoded (the typical "iTHMB convert" scenario) by viewer applications that are capable of rendering one of several iTHMB formats.  To further complicate the issue it is important to point out that there are different formats that vary among different Apple devices.  To view these files without a special iTHMB enabled application, you will have to convert it to another common image file formats like JPEG and PNG.  Homemade solutions may work for one user on one forum but are overly complicated and do not work in all cases. 

CompuClever, the makers of PC TuneUp Maestro and PC Clean Maestro, are proud to introduce Ultra File Opener (UFO).  With UFO you can open and view your iTHMB files – they are among the 200+ popular formats that are supported.  UFO provides quick and easy file viewing for a variety of image, graphics, text, and data files.  The advantage of a program with this kind of support is that you do not have to purchase a separate program for each file type you come across that you cannot open.

With UFO you can benefit from a number of functionalities.  You can rotate your image, use zooming feature, print, and convert the image.  There is a trial version available which watermarks the image.  In this way you can see how the program works, if it in fact opens and displays the file your PC is unable to open, and you can then purchase and register the product to convert, print, and save your files.

Instead of a half-baked, home science experiment, use an application that can handle the newest technologies that are available.  CompuClever has created an effective tool that offers support for opening and viewing iTHMB files for your PC that have originated from one of numerous iOS devices such as iPods, iPads, and iPhones. This includes:

  • iPod Video and iPod Touch
  • iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad
  • iPhone, iPhone 2, iPhone 3 and 3G, and iPhone 4 and 4S

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