CompuClever Systems Inc.

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CompuClever Systems Inc. is a software technology company specializing in PC optimization solutions.  Combining products and services, we bring enhanced performance and stability to your PC.


Our mission...

CompuClever was founded with a single-minded devotion to just one thing: to empower you to rediscover the joy of computing.  Our mission is to bring our customers effective yet easy-to-use solutions that remove the common frustrations of personal computing.


Our approach...

Our dedicated R&D team possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise in consumer desktop software.  We are proud to be an Intel Software Partner and a registered member of the Microsoft Partner Network.  With these strength and abilities, we create cutting-edge solutions that combine technological advancements, ease-of-use, and outstanding levels of quality.


What makes us different...

At CompuClever, we value our relationship with our customers.  As computer users, we understand clearly that using personal computers can be complex and challenging.  Along with providing excellent software solutions, we also see the necessity of providing ongoing technical support, maintenance and optimization, and advice for daily computing tasks.


Our knowledgeable and friendly Support team are devoted to providing the utmost excellence in customer service.  Simply put, we pride ourselves in serving your computing needs and bringing enjoyment to PC computing.