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Ultra File Opener App is available in both FREE and FULL versions.


FREE Version

  1. View over 200 file formats for free
  2. Limited to viewing only (converting and printing inaccessible)

FULL Version (Upgrade)

  1. Open over 350 file formats
  2. Edit, save, convert, and print files
  3. Batch convert images at lightning speed
  4. Open, edit, and convert camera raw files
  5. Extract files from compressed archives

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Supported File Types

(Full Version vs. Free Version)

Office Files | Image Files | Video Files | Audio Files | Archive Files | Partial Files | Portable Executable Files | eBook Files | Text Files

Image Files

ExtensionFile TypeFull VersionFree
.DOCMicrosoft Word Document
.DOCXMicrosoft Word Open XML Document
.XLSExcel Spreadsheet
.XLSXExcel Open XML Spreadsheet
.PPTXPowerPoint Open XML Presentation

Image Files

ExtensionFile TypeFull VersionFree
.3FRHasselblad 3F RAW Image
.ARWSony Digital Camera Image
.BMPBitmap Graphic File
.CALSCALS Raster Graphic File
.CR2Poser Character Rigging File
.CRWCrossword Genius file
.CURWindows Cursor shape
.CUTBPM Studio cue points file
.DCMDiskCatalogMaker catalog database file
.DCXElectraSoft Fax image
.DIBDevice Independent Bitmap File
.DNGIDsoft dungeon file
.EMFEnhanced Windows Metafile
.EMZStreet Fighter IV game file
.ERFBioWare Entity Resource File
.FPXCompiled FoxPro program
.GIFGraphical Interchange Format File
.ICOIcon File
.ITHMBApple iPod and iPhone Photo Thumbnails File
.J2CJPEG 2000 Code Stream
.J2KJPEG 2000 Image
.JBIGJoint Bi-level Image Group File
.JNGJPEG Network Graphic
.JP2Jeoparty II presentation file
.JPCJPEG 2000 Code Stream File
.JPEGJoint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format
.KDCKaspersky virus database file
.MEFMAIET Encrypted File System
.MIFFMagick image file format
.MNGYamaha PSR Disk Manager File
.MOSDymola simulation file
.MRWMinolta Raw Image File
.MTVMTV Ray-Tracer image format
.MVGMagick Vector Graphics
.NEFNikon Electronic Format RAW Image
.NRWNero CD-ROM (WMA) compilation file
.ORFOlympus RAW File
.OTBNokia Over The Air Bitmap Image
.PAMPortable arbitrary map
.PBMPortable Bitmap Image
.PCDSKodak Photo CD Image File
.PCXPaintbrush Bitmap Image File
.PEFPEF Braille Book File
.PFBPrinter Font Binary File
.PGMSignature program
.PICONPersonal Icon File
.PICTApple QuickDraw picture file
.PNGPortable Network Graphic
.PNMWinPMail/Mercury IMAP UID Mapping File
.PPMPortable Pixmap Image File
.PTIFPyramid encoded TIFF file
.RAFFuji RAW Image File
.RAWRaw Audio Data
.RLA3ds Max rendered graphic file
.RLEUtah raster bitmap image
.RW2Panasonic RAW Image
.SCTSPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) template file
.SFWSound Forge XP studio project file
.SGISilicon Graphics Image File
.SR2sr2 compressed data
.SUNSun Raster Graphic File
.TGATarga Graphic
.THMOffice Clipart Gallery database
.TIFFBigTIFF bitmap
.VICARVICAR rasterfile format
.VIFFVisualization Image File Format
.WBMPWireless Bitmap Image File
.X3FSIGMA X3F Camera RAW File
.XBMX11 Bitmap Graphic
.XCFGIMP Image File
.XPMMicro Planner Manager File
.XVVisualization Image File Format

Video Files

ExtensionFile TypeFull VersionFree
.261H.261 Encoded Video file
.3G23GPP2 Multimedia File
.3GP3GPP Multimedia File
.4XM4XM video format
.ANMInfinity equation script file
.ASFAPL*PLUS/PC shared file
.AVIAudio Video Interleave File
.BFIBrute Force & Ignorance
.BMVDiscworld II BMV
.C93Interplay C93
.CDGCompact Disc Plus Graphics Image
.CDXLCommodore CDXL video
.CINKodak Cineon bitmap
.DFAChronomaster DFA
.DVDigital Video File
.DXADXA video format
.F4VFlash MP4 Video File
.FLVFlash Video File
.GXFGrid Exchange Format - ASCII
.H261raw H.261
.H263raw H.263 Files
.H264H.264 Encoded Video File
.IVFIndeo Video Format File
.LVFLogitech Video Effects File
.M4ViTunes Video File
.MJ2Motion JPEG 2000 Video Clip
.MJPEGMotion JPEG video
.MKVMatroska Video File
.MMAmerican Laser Games MM
.MMFMicrosoft Mail message file
.MOVApple QuickTime Movie
.MP4MPEG-4 Video File
.MVSilicon Graphics Movie
.MXFMaxis Font File
.MXGMxPEG clip Files
.NSVNullsoft Streaming Video File
.NUTNUT Video File
.NUVNuppelVideo File
.P64H.261 encoded video file
.PAFEnsoniq PARIS audio format
.PVAAVZ Antiviral Toolkit data file
.RL2voyeur game RL2 files
.RMReal Media File
.RMVBRealMedia Variable Bit Rate File
.ROQId Software Game Video
.SMKSmacker Compressed Movie File
.SWFShockwave Flash Movie
.THPWii/GameCube Video File
.TXDClarion for Windows application code in text format
.VC1VC-1 Video File
.VIVOVivoActive Video File
.VOBVue Objects File
.WEBMWebM Video File
.WMVWindows Media Video File
.WTVWindows Recorded TV Show File
.XMVXbox Media Video File
.YOPPsygnosis YOP

Audio Files

ExtensionFile TypeFull VersionFree
.AACAdvanced Audio Coding File
.AC3Audio Codec 3 File
.ADTSAudio Data Transport Stream File
.AIFFAudio Interchange File Format
.AMRAdaptive Multi-Rate Codec File
.APEAVS Plugin Effects File
.AUAudacity audio block file
.CAFCal3D Binary Animation File
.DTSiSite Enterprise medical image file
.EAC3raw E-AC-3 Files
.FLACFree Lossless Audio Codec File
.G722raw G.722 Files
.GSMGoldSim model file
.IFFSun TAAC image file format
.IRCAMIRCAM SoundFile files
.ISSThe Longest Journey Sound File (Funcom)
.M4AMPEG-4 Audio File
.MLPmAirList playlist
.MP2MPEG Layer II Compressed Audio File
.MP3Masterpoint green points file
.MPCMagick Persistent Cache image file format
.OGGOrigin graphic file
.OMASony OpenMG Music File
.PVFPortable Voice Format File
.QCPPureVoice Audio File
.RSONXT Brick Audio File
.SBGSBaGen Binaural Beat File
.SHNShorten Compressed Audio File
.TTATrue Audio File
.VOCCreative Labs Audio File
.VQFTwinVQ Audio File
.W64Sony Wave64 Audio File
.WMAWindows Media Audio Files
.WVWavPack Audio File
.XWMAxWMA audio compression format

Archive Files

ExtensionFile TypeFull VersionFree
.001ICS Text Files
.002International S-57 Hydrographic Data Electronic Navigation Chart
.7Z7-Zip Compressed File
.APKGoogle Android Package File
.ARJARJ Compressed File Archive
.BZ2Direct Connect compressed hub list file
.BZIP2Bzip2 Compressed Archive
.CABWindows Cabinet File
.CBRComic Book RAR Archive
.CPGZCompressed CPIO Archive
.DEBMS-DOS Debug Script
.DIAGCABWindows Troubleshooting CAB file
.FATZinf Theme File
.GZGIMP image file
.GZIPGnu Zipped File
.HFSMacImage Macintosh HFS disk image file
.IPKNintendo DS Packed Images
.ISOArbortext IsoDraw Document
.JARJava compressed archive
.LHALHARC Compressed Archive
.LZHLZH Compressed File
.LZMALZMA Compressed File
.MSUWindows Vista Update Package
.NTFSNTFS Partition File
.NUMBERSApple Numbers Spreadsheet File
.PAGESPages Document
.PIZZipped File
.R00Norton Ghost RAR Backup File
.RARWinRAR Compressed Archive
.RAR_Egis encrypted RAR file
.RPMRealPlayer Plug-in
.SFXShark FX drawing file
.SQUASHFSSquashfs File System File
.SWMSplit Windows Imaging Format File
.TARConsolidated Unix File Archive
.TAZTar Zipped File
.TBZBzip Compressed Tar Archive
.TBZ2Tar BZip 2 Compressed File
.TGZGzipped Tar File
.THEMEPACKWindows 7 Theme Pack
.TXZXZ Compressed Tar Archive
.WARJava web archive
.WIMWindows Imaging Format File
.XPIMozilla Installer Package-Plugin Files
.XZXZ Compressed Archive
.ZStar Wars The Force Unleashed XML file
.Z01WinZip First Split Zip File
.ZHTMLSecure IE Zipped HTML File
.ZIRenamed Zip File
.ZIPGame resource archive file

Partial Files

ExtensionFile TypeFull VersionFree
.CRDOWNLOADGoogle Chrome Incomplete(Partially) Download File
.PARTPartial Download File
.PARTIALInternet Explorer Partially Downloaded File

Portable Executable Files

ExtensionFile TypeFull VersionFree
.AXDirectShow Filter
.BPLWinamp V3 playlist file
.DPLBorland component
.EX_Compressed Executable File
.EX1Windows Executable File
.MSSTYLESWindows XP Style

eBook Files

ExtensionFile TypeFull VersionFree
.EPUBOpen Publication Structure eBook File
.PDFAdobe Portable Document Format File
.MOBIMobipocket eBook File
.DJVUTagged Image File
.DJVDjVu Image file
.XPSXML Paper Specification File
.CBRComic Book RAR Archive
.CBZComic Book ZIP Archive
.FB2FictionBook 2.0 File
.FB2ZFictionBook e-book file
.ZFB2FictionBook e-book file

Text Files

ExtensionFile TypeFull VersionFree
.ADSAda Specification File
.ASAASP Configuration File
.ASAXASP.NET Server Application File
.ASMVisual Studio Assembler Source Code File
.ASPASP text file
.ASPXASP.NET Source File
.AU3AutoIt v3 Script
.AUTSignwave Auto-Illustrator file, Workplace CD search file
.BASBASIC Source Code File
.BlueButtonMy HealtheVet Personal Health Information
.BSHBeanShell Script
.COrigin C program file
.CCTrojan Spymaster.A text file
.CFGCelestia Development Team
.CGICommon Gateway Interface Script
.CLNBaan File
.CNFTelnet Configuration File
.CONFGeneric Configuration File
.CPPMaya OpenGL 3D scene
.CSTribes 2 scripting file
.CSPROJVisual Studio C# Project
.CSSStatistica data sheet file
.CTLdBASE IV Aldus setup control file
.CXXC++ Source Code File
.DIZDescription in Zip File
.DOBVisual Basic UserDocument
.DOCBOOKDocBook File
.DPKDeleted package, Windows Applications Manager
.DSRENVI density slice range file
.EEiffelStudio source file
.ERBEvil Genius Resource File
.ERLGameGuard Error Log File
.ESECMAScript language file
.FFreeze Compressed File
.F2KFortran 2000 Source Code File
.F90Fortran 90 Source Code File
.F95Fortran 95 Source Code File
.FORFortran 77 Source File
.FRMMegalux Frame
.GDGAP Programs File
.HServer scripts files
.HHHammerHead drumloop file
.HPPC++ Header File
.HRLErlang Header File
.HTDAdobe ExtendScript HTML file
.HTMHypertext Markup Language File
.HTMLHypertext Markup Language File
.HXXC++ Source Code Header File
.IDLInterface Definition Language File
.IFACEICEfaces Source Code Files
.IMPLOPAL Source Code Files
.INCTotal Commander language file
.INFSetup Information File
.INIFinale Preferences File
.IPPInline Guard Macro File
.ISLInno Setup file
.JAVAJava Source Code File
.JSJScript Executable Script
.JSPJava Server Pages
.KSHUnix Korn Shell Script
.LOGLabVIEW Binary Datalog (National Instruments Corporation)
.LSTKaspersky Lab Blacklist File
.LUALua Source File
.MLimbo interface declaration file
.MANIFESTSteam Manifest File
.MLMusicLineEditor audio file.
.MLIAutoCAD Material-Library File (Autodesk Inc.)
.MPXBX-24 Basic Express compiler map
.NFOFolio Views Infobase File
.NSHNSIS Header File
.ODLVisual C++ type library source
.PAGRealTick page file
.PASDelphi Unit Source File
.PHPMicrosoft Picture It! publishing project file
.PHP3PHP version 3 script file
.PLHarvard palette
.PODTerminal Reality Game Data File
.PPPocket Physics saved data file
.PROPERTIESMinecraft Properties File
.PYOracle batch procedure file
.PYWPython GUI Source File
.RProgress database compiled program file
.RAKEProject and Global Rake Task Files
.RBRosebud configuration profile
.RBWRuby file
.RCLeft 4 Dead file
.RC2Registry File
.RHTMLRuby HTML Web Page
.RJSRealJukebox Skin File
.RSOURCER source code files
.SAKAI S900/950 sample
.SESSIONSession properties file
.SHUnix Shell Archive
.SHTMLServer Side Include HTML File
.SIGNGNU Privacy Guard file
.SMAScrapbook Factory album file
.TCLTextPad clip library
.TXTPlain Text File
.VALAVala Source Code File
.VBVirtual Boy image file
.VBGVisual Basic Project Group File
.VBPVisual Basic Project File
.VBPROJVisual Studio Visual Basic Project
.VBSVBScript File
.VBWVisual Basic Workspace File
.VHWinHelp VH file
.VHDVHDL Source File
.VHDLQuartus II VHDL Design file
.XMPXMap project data file
.YAMLPython configuration file
.YMLYAML Document
.UCCAPILOGMicrosoft UCC API Log File
.UPDUlead private data file